Monday, October 10, 2011

My Upcoming Book!

Tidewater Historian is back after a bit of an unexpected hiatus! Several positive things occurred this Summer and early Fall that kept me from posting as much as I would have liked. For one, I was very busy with writing. A couple of magazine articles that I wrote appeared in leading historical publications (more on that later), and I also spent most of the summer working on a book manuscript with a co-author (more on that later as well). I have also been hard at work completing courses toward my doctorate at William and Mary. However, the biggest event this Summer was the birth of my son, Sean M. Heuvel, Jr. (a.k.a. "S.J.") on July 7th! S.J. is now an active and healthy three-month old who keeps his parents quite busy! We are blessed to have him in our family!

Another major development in recent weeks has been the final tweaking of my upcoming book, Life After J.E.B. Stuart: The Memoirs of His Granddaughter, Marrow Stuart Smith. The cover design for the book was just finalized the other day and I have posted a picture of it here. I am very excited about this work, which tells the story of the Stuart family in the post-Civil War era through the lens of one of its most interesting members, artist and educator Mary Marrow Stuart Smith (1889 - 1985). Marrow was Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart's eldest surviving grandchild as well as the oldest child of J.E.B. Stuart II and his wife, Josephine Phillips Stuart. It is a very neat family history as well as a fascinating life story and I believe that those with an interest in the Stuart family, Southern History, Virginia History, and/or the Civil War will really enjoy reading it. The book will be released early this December - more details to come! If you are interested, the book is currently available for pre-order through such online book vendors as and Barnes and Noble. When you get on their websites, just search for "Life After J.E.B. Stuart."

As time permits during this busy semester, I will plan on posting a bit more frequently about my current research projects, ranging from the American Revolution through the Civil War. As always, thanks for your interest and support!

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